Excess weight and obesity are a concern for many people. Dr. Ross has assisted clients with weight loss for over 20 years. Most of her clients dieted many times and have been unable to achieve lasting weight loss. The problem lies in the diet, not in the person. Diets are designed for short-term usage. To achieve long-term weight loss, people have to find ways to change the behaviors that lead to weight gain. This is a complex matter; it involves changing the way one eats, the way one thinks, their emotional reactions, and often, relationships. To lose weight and keep it off, it is important to find the strategies that promote weight loss without suffering.

Dr. Ross helps people develop the personal strategies needed to build a life in which they can enjoy eating, exercise regularly, lose weight slowly, and keep the weight off. We target one skill set at a time rather than trying to make massive change overnight. This allows people to see their progress so they don’t fall into despair and then stop trying.

People who have had bariatric (weight loss) surgery need additional skills to adapt to their life following their surgery. Gastric bypass and lap band surgery require changes in how people plan and eat their food. New strategies have to be learned for handling social situations involving food and drink. Research shows that surgery alone will not guarantee lasting weight loss, but success rates improve with the addition of these specialized skills.