I have been a clinical psychologist since 1988. I help people struggling with anxiety disorders (including OCD, generalized anxiety and panic) depression, weight and eating disorders, health concerns and relationship problems. I adolescents and adults in individual, couples, and family sessions. I offer both in-person and virtual therapy services.

I enjoy working collaboratively with clients. Together, we can develop personalized plans using proven techniques to treat specific concerns. There is no treatment plan which applies to all people. I start by setting specific goals and develop criteria used to mark progress toward those goals. Then, using my training, experience and research, I teach clients the skills and strategies needed to achieve their goals. We adjust the methods based on the results along the way, creating a set of skills unique to the person and their situation. Gradually clients take over the plan so that they see that they are the ones producing the changes they desire.

Before our work ends, my clients understand what strategies and techniques they used to overcome their problems. This empowers them by giving them the tools to manage issues which may arise in the future, thus allowing them to create a more fulfilling and satisfied life.

The majority of my work involves using Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy. To learn more about this and other specialized treatments that she uses see our Treatment Page.